Laboratory Space


Private Office Space

Food Testing Laboratory

Controlled Environment

Analytical Services

Laboratory Space​

BioNcube of ICRISAT offers its incubatees dedicated workbench for undertaking biotech research work, and common workbench  spaces for molecular biology and proteomics work. All workbench is equipped with private storage facility and rack options.

Space for media preparation, bacterial growth media, plant tissueculture media and any molecular biology reagent/chemicalpreparation

Workbench for nucleic acid isolations, detections using agarose gelelectrophoresis

Facility to work with fungal cultures, equipped with shakingincubator, and freezer

Laminar Air Flow units for aseptic plant tissue culture preparationand culture transfer

Controlled environment research facility for plant culture maintenance.

Dedicated work bench space for start-ups, equipped with storage facility and racks, access to fume hood etc.


Incubatees of BioNcube of ICRISAT will get access to state-of-the-art equipment for carrying out its R&D work.

10 units that can be used for amplification of target gene in gene cloning works, and molecular characterization of putative transgenic plants, and molecular marker-assisted breeding work in various crops.

Used for documenting of nucleic acids and protein analysis.

4 freezers that can be used for storage of tissue material like plant tissue and bacterial glycerol cultures

Used for lyophilizing nucleic acids, proteins and plant tissues.

Used for tissue lysis in nucleic acid and protein extractions.

Incubator shaker units, oven, centrifuge, waterbath, and ice-maker unit can be used for molecular biology work.

Used for quantification of gene expression studies, SNP detection, and copy number (transgenic) studies.

Used for estimation of nucleic acids, proteins, bio-chemicals, and microbial growth kinetics.

Can be used for high-throughput analysis of qRT PCR, PCR, and ELISA.

Start-up Office Space

BioNcube of ICRISAT offers its incubatees office space options in two categories: co-working space and private office rooms that can accommodate 3 team members. The incubator also offers incubatees with access to board room (seats 10), conference room (seats 120), library, and cafeteria.

Our BioSuite private office space is fully furnished and can seat 3 members of the team. BioNcube offers five.

Co-working space can accommodate 15 individual start-ups.

Food Testing Facility

For start-ups engaged in secondary agriculture, development of nutraceuticals, functional food, enzymes etc, BioNcube of ICRISAT offers access to the Food Testing Facility comprising of primary and secondary processing unit, and food testing labs for analytical services.

Provides access to primary and secondary processing facilities for product development.

Can be used for analytical studies, product analysis, shelf-life studies etc.

Controlled Environment

BioNcube of ICRISAT offers its incubatee access to controlled facilities like glasshouses, growth chambers, and field plots for undertaking trials.

Incubatees can use the six glasshouse bays and growth chamber units for plant growth monitoring and related R&D works.

Analytical Services

BioNcube of ICRISAT offers start-ups and private sector companies access to high-end equipment like HPLC and LCMS units under its analytical service package, including technical assistance.

Offers workbench for preparing samples for analytical services.

A highly improved form of column chromatography widely used for separation of complex mixtures based on retention time. In general, HPLC is used for separation of organic, inorganic, biological and thermally labile compounds. It can also be used for qualitative well as quantitative analysis of amino acids, carotenoids, secondary metabolites and other high molecular weight poly functional groups.

A far advanced and highly informative analytical tool that offers powerful combination of the separation ability of chromatography and the identification ability of mass spectrometry. It is well-suited for carrying out analysis of large, ionic, polar, non-volatile and thermally unstable compounds. LC-MS provide precise quantification and improve analytical throughput in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental analysis. It can also be used for proteomics and metabolomics applications.